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Platinum Level

Business Rule Solutions

BRS is a consulting firm that helps leaders in industry and government design smart, adaptable operations by guiding them in engineering rule-based business solutions. For over 20 years BRS has worked with clients around the globe to elicit business rules from subject area experts, interpret business rules from source documentation, and reverse engineer business rules from code. BRS was the pioneer in creating business-oriented business rule techniques, and remains the worldwide leader in changing how organizations view, manage and apply their business rules in day-to-day business operations and in redesign of business capabilities.

Gold Level

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. As a connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies that liberate resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT. Learn more at

With over 20 years of industry experience, Negocios y Soluciones Informaticas (NSI Solutions) has established itself as the go-to address for everything Business Process Management (BPM) in LATAM. Its team creates and implements process solutions, working with iBPMS and ECM leaders such as IBM, K2, Aura Portal, BizFlow, Bonita Soft, Apia, ECRION and M-Files.
NSI also established the chapter for the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) of Central America and the Caribbean. Its team members frequently share their process knowledge with contributions at and BPM.COM.
NSI states the centerpiece for all value-added business processes are indeed its Business Rules.

OpenRules, Inc. is a NJ-based corporation that develops, supports, and provides consulting and training services around its highly popular Open Source Business Rules and Decision Management System commonly known as “OpenRules”.  OpenRules is oriented to business analysts allowing them to work in concert with developers to create and maintain enterprise-level Business Rules Repositories for complex Decision Management Systems.  It utilizes the power of MS Excel, Google Sheets, and Eclipse IDE. 
OpenRules support Executable Decision Models created in accordance with the latest DMN standard.
OpenRules is used since 2004 by major international financial corporations, insurers, healthcare providers, and large government agencies for multi-transactional decision support applications.  Along with a highly efficient rule engine, OpenRules includes:

- Rule Dialog allows non-programmers to create intelligent Web-based questionnaires
- Rule Solver integrates Business Rules with Constraint Programming and other Optimization technologies
- Rule Learner utilizes different Machine Learning tools for rules discovery and predictive analytics.

is dedicated to support business analysts and business experts to express themselves in a consistent and unambiguous way. Define the terminology of your line of business. See how your terminology relates to other lines of businesses within your organization. Check that your requirements, business rules and guidance use the right terminology. Have a team write business specifications according to a controlled natural language. RuleXpress by RuleArts offers a multi-user authoring and publishing environment that understands what you write and provides the support you really need. The tool will match your writing with the agreed on pattern, even if you use a plural form or other tense. RuleXpress offers out of the box support for RuleSpeak, SBVR and DMN.

The Trisotech DMN Modeler is the leading web based DMN modeler and part of the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite. Its simple and easy to use visual interface allows you to create decision models using the full power of level 3 compliance of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard. Complete support of all Boxed Expression structures is complemented by a powerful FEEL editor that offers user friendly features including code completion and coloring. Compliant DMN standard file import and export is provided enabling complete interoperability and vendor no lock in. A simple one click publish button from within the tool generates a DMN Decision Service in the Trisotech DMN Cloud Execution platform. Trisotech DMN Modeler is truly the reference DMN tool.

Vizuri is the innovation hub of AEM Corporation, one of America's fastest-growing private companies. Its industry experts help customers solve challenging business problems using technology to engineer creative solutions. Vizuri focuses on four strategic areas: business rules and process management, cloud enablement, enterprise messaging, and microservices and containers. Learn more at

Bronze Level


INTEGRATE IT provides expertise to building better business solutions. Our proven track record, techniques, and tools dramatically help you to align business and IT outcomes that reduce IT transformation risk and improve business value. We deliver holistic consulting services by harmonizing Business Architecture, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture with Software Solutions.
Since 2001, INTEGRATE iT has worked with 110 of the Fortune 500 companies, completed over 1,100 business modeling and IT alignment assignments, and trained over 5,000 business architects, business analysts, enterprise architects, and software engineers. Every day we deliver to succeed and meet your project needs and budget in these areas of capability.


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