How to Enter

Your entire TEAM qualifies for 15% discount at Building Business Capability when we receive your completed case study for the Business Rules Awards. That’s a saving of up to $500 to attend BBC for each person in your team.




Submission is an easy two-step process:

Step 1. Start by registering via the short registration form below.
NO entry FEE is payable for registration. Free, quick and easy ...

FORM (if form does not display please contact us)

Next step: As soon as you complete the form above, you will be directed to the Step 2. Here you will complete your details on WHO (was involved), WHY (the reason for this implementation) and WHAT (were the successful results).

NOTE: The purpose of the judges' review of your abstract is to improve the overall quality of your ultimate entry by giving feedback on what issues you might have overlooked or need to highlight more.

  • It does not affect your decision to submit the full case study which you can do at any time.
  • Entry fee payment of $250 is made when you commit to enter the awards

In the last step, we will provide you with our easy Q&A Word Document template and helpful guidelines. Simply return your completed the case study document no later than the deadline as shown on the right. 

Earlier is better - the judges will have more time to review your entry.