Criteria for Entries

Do you have an interesting Business Rules project or initiative?  Submit it for the opportunity to win a prestigious award and publication in the next book on BR to be published within 12 months following the Awards Ceremony.



Evaluation Basis for Business Rules Excellence Awards

This list is provided in order to clarify what judging evaluations will be used.  Higher selection preference will be given to initiatives that include more of these points.

Nominations will be judged on excellence demonstrated in the following areas:

Business and Operational Impact

  • Increased revenues
  • Improved customer service, customer retention, or quality improvements
  • Proven importance to the organization's mission, vision, or goals
  • Enhanced consistency of business outcomes, decisions, or customer experience
  • Establishment or improvement of compliance capabilities or traceability
  • Improved understandability, accessibility, or reusability of business rules or decisions
  • Better data quality or metrics
  • Substantial size, scope or quality of governance process or rule / decision management
  • Accelerated time-to-market


  • Use of business rules or decision approach or technology to solve business problems
  • Level of improved integration across business areas
  • Degree of support for complex business product or process configuration
  • Improvement in customization or personalization
  • Improvement in flexibility of decision making
  • Improvement in business agility


  • Successful initiative to capture and express business rules, decision tables, terminology and concept models
  • Significant scope and scale of the initiative’s implementation (e.g. size, geography, value chain, organization, etc.)
  • Successful implementation of advanced business rules or decision concepts

It is unlikely that any single initiative can demonstrate all these criteria. These evaluation points are provided in order to clarify the basis for judging submissions and to identify the possible areas that initiatives might cover. Submitters are encouraged to characterize their initiative as broadly as warranted.

Above all, remember, the judges are turned off by hype and advertising!