Business Rules Excellence Awards

The 2018 Awards are now closed for entries

The judging panel is currently in process of carefully reviewing each case study and rating it according to the published criteria.
The finalists will be announced on or before September 30.


BREA Awards Dinner on Thursday November 8th in conunction with BBC. Register here: BREA DINNER SAN ANTONIO RIVERWALK

Missed this year, but want to enter next year?

Start preparing yourself for 2019. Do you have an interesting Business Rules project or initiative? All you have to do next year is click ENTER to submit a brief abstract outlining WHO, WHY, WHAT.

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The topical focus of the Business Rules Excellence Awards (BREA) includes business rules, business vocabulary, and decisions.

The Business Rules Excellence Awards are the ideal way to be recognized by the industry worldwide, to publicly acknowledge and recognize the efforts of your team and to inject passion into your projects.

You entire team gets 15% discount each at Building Business Capability when we receive your completed Business Rules Awardscase study. That’s a saving of up to $500 to attend BBC for each person in your team.


Why you should enter

Success is earned. Reward it.

Imagine your project as a finalist or maybe winner ...

  • Your team and your company gain international recognition as industry leaders and innovators ...
  • Having clearly demonstrated competitive advantage in your industry, your corporation grows even faster ...
  • Your team, your project and your department receive internal recognition, additional project funding and more ...
  • Ongoing recognition and awareness of your award by using the official Award Winner logo on all your websites, emails, product literature etc.

A recent survey by Boost Marketing showed that industry awards really do make a difference in a business-to-business context. 

The survey found that 82% of users admitted to being influenced by awards when buying products and services for their business. This statistic varies depending on the product or service under consideration, for example the statistic is 72% for financial services and over 90% for construction services.